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The Promise— More and Less

Jonathan Moya reads The Promise More and Less

After, the awe returns with less shock.

A father lives in a  quiet unannounced moment.

At his celebration of life

service all the children wear black leather.

They refuse to die, be strangers,

vow to know their names, remember their world.

The sound of traffic on the way back home leads them

to a smelly bar open this cold night.

The sirens fade pass for the party inside.

The balcony holds and holds.

Whatever war there is

it will not arrive this night. 

They will likely never forget

all this dancing through vintage songs,

dancing again and again.

—And there it is.  There it is—

Everything they’ve given up

to stay here and find more.





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  1. carolineshank Avatar

    Of course this is excellent. I would actually like to see more. This tack you are on is very good

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