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Dead Old Hearts for Auld Lange Syne

Dead love was the grief that brought her down.
She buried him oft in her heart’s grave
at night ‘neath the Noble fir near her front door.
Dreams had him smiling wide-eyed in the morn.

Her da followed rudely into her future
seized by fevers and chills she couldn’t shake.
She left him boggin’ near the auld grape
until he popped, a ripening plook.

Her mam, a crabbit hairy auld cow,
fell down when caught in a turadh
eating a tattie on that driech day.
“Awright ya wee bawbags, “ she shrieked,
landing a jobby through time, memory on all
of them for auld Lange syne, for auld Lange syne.

plook: Scottish slang for boil or pimple.
boggin ’: Scottish for dirty or stinky.
crabbit: Scottish for bad-tempered or grumpy.
auld: Scottish for old
turadh: a break in the clouds between showers.
tattie: a potato.
driech: cold, damp and miserable.
Awright ya wee bawbg: (a bawbag being a scrotum) is a greeting only really used between close pals. In the right context it is no more offensive than saying ‘Hello, how are you my friend?’.
jobby : a poo, turd, feces.
auld lange syne: old long since, or old times or the olden days.





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  1. Caroline M Shank Avatar
    Caroline M Shank

    I don’t know if this is marvelous or what. I am adraid I can’t say. It is interesting. A voyage into language

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