The Moya View

Listening and Searching through the Rubble

They called off the search 
to wait for the winds to pass,
the demolition to collapse
the weight of concrete onto flesh
to make it safer for the cadaver dogs
to locate their scent amidst the rubble.

They called their names out both
in English and professional Spanish,
mainly for show, mainly a memorial,
loudly at first, then just a mumbled prayer,
a ritual that kept them moving forward,
spelling it out on the required legal forms.

They knew they spoke the Spanish wrong,
just like the dead once spoke English wrong
to their unattenuated ears.

Yet unheard beyond the humming song inside,
canine whines hits their crowns
square, true and clear.





One response to “Listening and Searching through the Rubble”

  1. carolineshank Avatar

    Good. Does it seem like reportage?

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