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Mother’s Day/Mother’s Day Not

Is it so terrible to mourn a mother,
to cry for the ones that shut the door and never returned,
those never equipped to nurture a newborn from birth to death,
the ones who desperately wanted to be mothers but couldn’t be,
those who lost a child or never wanted to be mothers but are—
should this be a day for the successes and joys and not the tragedies,
for just the good mothers and not the bad ones?

Both get their fare share of good and bad poetry,
memories full of exultations and recriminations,
letters that get sent across the miles and get burned.
It’s by luck that each child gets a lifelong angel or Devil.

Just say their name because they gave you life,
whether it be a shout or a whisper
depends on the weight of your joy and pain.





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  1. carolineshank Avatar

    I can so relate to this poem
    It’s another triumph

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