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The Forensic Cleaner

they took the body out

but the blood/bloodstain

stayed there.


the investigation begins.

that’s the police’s job.


but after the death

the cleaner cleans.


he cleans up blood,

pieces of bone,


maggots, flies

everything that

a corpse/body

leaves behind.

the smell

of decomposition/death 

will be gone

by the time

he finishes his work.


he has a very close

relationship to blood.

it’s something

that he respects.

he always tries

to keep in mind

that these remains

left on the floor,

this blood/bloodstain

belonged to someone.


what were they like

doesn’t interest him.

who were they

he’ll never really know.

he just owes them respect.


(every time he leaves

the atmosphere changes.

it changes

because nothing


them anymore

that there,

in that place,


lost their life.


things will change

and the way they see

these objects

is sure to change as well.


of course they

still have that loss,

that pain,

but the way

they are

going to face it

is different.


his work is done

and theirs begins.)


he has a recurring dream

about his work.

he is driving at night.

the street is dark.

there are people

but he can’t see their faces.

he doesn’t know if

they are saying





it is something

he would like to know

but he doesn’t have

enough time.

he thinks

that these


could be people

who have died.


at the end of his dream

he’s in the sea.

he’s trying

to get

to the surface,

but never

gets there.


it’s a cold,



he tries to move.

he tries to struggle.



he wakes up.

instead of being uneasy

he feels happy.

all around

are the shadows

of tombstones

leaving so many stains

on the grass,

so much work

for him to do.







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  1. carolineshank Avatar

    Brilliant metaphor

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