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A Gun and a Hotel Bible

No bad guy talks alone

to a Bible in a hotel room

with a gun in his hand.


“If a man commits adultery

with the wife of his neighbor both

the adulterer and the adulteress

shall surely be put to death…”


the good book says or

he thinks in a cold sweat.


That’s how he met Cynthia.

She was fearless.

That’s how she became his whole life.


He’s not humbling himself.

He’s not learning.

He’s not even listening.


It offers him words of love.



“God loves you

with his whole heart.

He loves you.”


He looks up to the ceiling

and lifts the gun up.

“Can you save me?”






One response to “A Gun and a Hotel Bible”

  1. carolineshank Avatar

    Superb. Very real

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