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Small Axe: Lovers Rock

The music is the scent in the air 
that changes everything.

“I’ve got no time to lie,
I’ve got no time to play your silly games,”

it croons with a sweet she reggae lilt
pairing off the lovers from the pretenders,

shedding bodies to kiss and writhe 
in adjacent rooms or the nearest alley

until only the a cappella 
is left in the haze of weed

and turntable revolutions,
the scent of spicy jerk
marinated in a calypso afternoon.

There be time for Marley and
his Small Axe vibe after they be gone,

the Rasta boys with their black power
rave, body slamming each other.

It’s all be a silly game, man-
a ganja dream to knowing Jah.

They be warriors until the last spin,
and it be time to turn spear to 

that big mama cross they forever carry
and must fold to fit on the bus.



Based loosely on the second of the Steve McQueen film series Small Axe, titled Lovers Rock





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