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Arcane Torso Mistakenly Posted to Pornhub

The steel bar that holds the torso up

gives it a spine and makes it art

and not some headless, armless, genital-less

mutilation pushed from a machine

going faster than the white signs allowed.

I see it only on my iPhone,

backlit with its perfect abs and cum-gutters

not unlike the headless fuckers

penetrating endless cunt on pornhub,

the unsolicited dick pic galleries popping up

whenever I try to click away.

Everything  breakable and tearable in me

has been torn and broken

and yet I envy this immortal stone

suspended here in cyber space

that can be smashed to white pebbles,

pulverized to dust

and still never bleed

or feel pain.

It exists,

a twist of idolized flesh

to be touched

and wondered over,

polished to a high sheen

by centuries of passing hands

until the fetish leaves me

admiring and detesting,

the remnant echo

of the true and beautiful,

a once true and beautiful God.





One response to “Arcane Torso Mistakenly Posted to Pornhub”

  1. carolineshank Avatar

    Excellent but somehow restrained..

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