The Moya View

The Blue Lurch of Train in Time

Time flies by in the animated flashes between

the silver frames of the train’s windows,

moving as fast as each perceived thought,

a time machine rattling between future-past:

egg sandwiches downed with blue electrolytes,

rustling newsprint coexisting with touch phones, 

the woman in black journeying to a funeral

across from the discretely breast feeding mom,

a heart broken teen laughing at her exes

first TikTok dance she liked and saved.


A track repair forced a two hour timeout

for the executive in the gray suit

to the Natural History Museum, forcing

admiration of things greater than himself-

pterodactyls swinging on steel wires,

T-Rexes corseted in titanium tendons all

coexisting  with their extinction meteorite-

a flying blue whale finishing the diorama

of him ignoring his ancestors in ancient skins

around a dwindling fire pit as he exits.


The train rattles on slightly lurching

back and forth in a stasis of motion

that passes the upturned prairie grass

that transitions towards the end stop

and its final suburban destination.

The executive doodles a Buffalo

on his phone app, one that is obscured

by the barely drawn coal stoking locomotive

belching smoke like a cellophane flame

far from the small screen frame.


The smoke unravels to a vets wife

wearing a Navajo smock,

pearling and unpearling

the mistakes in the weave

of powder blue baby socks.

In the upheld light of her vision

the quartz bison teams the bluing

vista caught in the indigenous hunt,

red faces obscured in the herky-jerky

of horsed riders and hurling arrows.


She imagines her bright face boy

staring unblinkingly at the sky,

free of the stuttering window’s glare,

reveling in the glint of hooves and dust,

unaware of the rain and flies to come.







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  1. carolineshank Avatar

    Very good. Is stasis the right word?

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