The Moya View


Luna moths flutter in the captive night light

of early December, strong, determined

to mate their way to the electric crackle

(invisible as a secret trapped in the soul)

emitting from the machine in the eaves.


Their disintegration illuminates the dark

with ultraviolet pulses and heavy musk

drifting to mouthless, abandoned mates,

antennae feeling their starvation, extinction,

the end of all their brief cycle of lust.


The creatures in rockers spend the night

brushing the remnants of their death

off their cheeks, cuffs and hair—

absorbed in their dark loneliness,

avoiding conversation with each other,


The widows miles away feel the tug

of a mouth and mandible forming,

a dream of a shout and tear evolving,

the rock, rock, rocking waves telling them that

they soon will feast on these creatures clothes.




Luna Moths have no mouths and thus cannot eat.  They exist for only a week, being born to mainly mate or die of starvation.






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  1. carolineshank Avatar

    Excellent I think you wrote this In 3 sentences. Good job

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