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Growing the Forest


When your mother dies

you grieve,

vow to change,

say a prayer,

plant a memory tree.


When your father dies

you swallow hard,

set yourself square,

curse all his mistakes,

and seed an oak.


When your brother/sister dies

you cry

for the good times,

regret their bad ones,

carve their dreams in evergreens.


When your wife, husband, lover dies

you sunder and wail,

fumble for reunion,

finally settle enough

to sow a weeping willow.


When you die

the world will bury you

or spread your ashes

in the peace forest

you have mournfully grown.







4 responses to “Growing the Forest”

  1. carolineshank Avatar

    Very evocative as only you can do it. You have experienced most of this so personally. Good writing.

  2. Evocative Verses Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful!

  3. sircharlesthepoet Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful indeed! Wow oh my this is good 😮

  4. sircharlesthepoet Avatar

    wow this is seriously an impactful piece of work. Thank you for sharing this. It is very touching.

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