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Max von Sydow Made Me Believe


When he cried on the cross

he made me believe in Jesus.


When he blessed a devil child

he made me believe in His Word.


When he mated death

he made me believe in the light.


When he ate a wild strawberry

he made me know love.


When he held his son in a new land

he made me feel the wisdom of fathers.


When he showed the hidden Kroners

he made me feel total shame


When he held his dead child in his arms

he made me understand the resurrection of grief.


Max you made me forever hunger

for the million lights illuminating the dark

upon which I build my celluloid church.



The Max von Sydow films referenced in order of appearance:

The Greatest Story Ever Told

The Exorcist

The Seventh Seal

Wild Strawberries

Pelle the Conqueror


The Virgin Spring





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  1. Caroline Shank Avatar
    Caroline Shank

    You have beautifully covered the carreer of such a talented actor. Great homage. Another good one.

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