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Onward- to the Rediscovered Realm


In a realm of two moons and three suns not

afraid to be besieged by everlasting brightness,

where everyone speaks from their heart spires

and devils and scorpions cavort with sprites,

magic coexisted with every day miracles.

People would cross on invisible bridges

as easily as Jesus walking on water,

on their way to their great soul’s quest.


Now as tablets led to handwriting and

then to thousands of computer fonts,

where seeking adventure becomes

short code for finding death and despair,

where sprites now dine on pixie sticks

and fairies no longer spread their dust,

where those who believe in magic are greatly

outnumbered by those who don’t,

where everyone’s top half exists

with their bottom self wandering about

and never finding each other,

where wizardry is replaced with technology-

the common light bulb and automobile-

is when wonderment gets consigned to the

bottomless pit of foolishness.


Then magic waits in hidden castles,

patient not for those who have it

and don’t see it, but those who need

it the most and know that it reveals

the truth behind the disguises,

waiting for that old broken stead

to reveal that its Pegasus

and that spell they chanted

to lead them back home to

the magic of their parent’s’ embrace.





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  1. Caroline Shank Avatar
    Caroline Shank

    This is interesting. The ending is the best. I think I need to see the movie! Good job as always

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