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Reading the Handwriting of My Surname (MOYA)



My ugly M: two lonely

crescent wings touching the sun,

an  Icarus mounting up,

than melting into the whirl;

the waterfall between mountains;

caterpillars kissing like

moths fluttering to the light.



O- a strawberry, orange

just ripe for a thumb to squish;

a lasso, not a noose;

a good herd dog corralling

Y- to M to A; my tongue;

or the necktie that makes the

suit of my name, my place here.



A- the tadpole in the marsh,

the eye searching for the nose,

the hurricane kissing land,

the alpha inside the all,

acknowledging the end

is not the start, nor circle,

but the tail seeking the future.





One response to “Reading the Handwriting of My Surname (MOYA)”

  1. Caroline Shank Avatar
    Caroline Shank

    I detect an undertow here. Another cancer cycle poem. Well done

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