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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood


Mr. Rogers grace exists

in miniature cities of kindness,

the tranquil tones of forgiveness,

level to the eye of a single frighten child.

For him, and in that moment,

that child is the  most precious

thing in the world.

He blesses them with positive ways

of dealing with their feelings;

the benediction of accepting them

for exactly who they are;

even when everything doesn’t

go exactly the way they hoped,

shows them how to smooth the

dissonance into a beautiful inner music;

store up the blessings

of an ordinary day;

love the ratty, special toy,

even as it grows old;

to know with absolute firmness,

as parents, that anything

mentionable is manageable

and to be human-

and that’s ok.





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  1. carolineshank Avatar

    Wonderful. One of your best

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