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Anne Frank Hiding in America or Breaking the Neck of Jojo Rabbit


With the sound of sirens screaming outside,

ten knocks on the door, the shout of authority

flooding in from the red steel,

would Joe American give up Anne Frank

hiding in the attic among his dusty relics,

the crawl space shared with a family of rats,

living under the loose floorboards among

the stacks of hidden zombie apocalypse cash?

What if Jane American found Anna Franco

shuddering with her dos hermanos, madre, padre,

in the dark corners of her garage?

Would she give them 2 vests, 3 pair of pants,

two pair of stockings, a dress skirt,

jacket, shorts, lace up shoes,

wool cap, and scarf?

What if her daughter Sarah saw a black hijab Anah

patiently hidden in the foliage of their old oak tree?

Would she gift her her favorite blue fountain pen?

Would she embrace her, or if ordered,

break the neck of her rabbit?










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  1. carolineshank Avatar

    Very powerful and well done! Like this very much

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