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I See Celluloid Angels and Not One of Them Is Charlie’s


Every Angel Second Class jumps into the river of

George Bailey’s despair, and after being rescued

shows everything that never should have existed,

everything that was, everything that could be

contained in the Odbody of his inner existence,

the baptism, the worth and joy of all his toil.

-No man gets into heaven by slaying demons,

and when Gabriel falls he follows Lucifer’s path,

never knowing that God tempered his Constantine’s

with hell on earth and the fires of suffering

that forge just a half repentant soul.

Angels are born to hover above,

have no weight but eternity,

bound to heaven yet yearning

to feel the delight of a lithe dancer,

see color, eat, drink, feel, suffer

in their own crown of thorns.

When the Angel of Death becomes Joe Black

and falls in love with George Bailey’s daughter,

asks him to be his guide to this wonderful life,

even Death will heed Jesus, make the sacrifice

and not take her to heaven’s embrace,

content forever to watch her

from first step to last.






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  1. carolineshank Avatar

    I’m confused with all the images but it flows very very well

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