The Moya View

Snapshots of New York City in Stride


At  lunchtime pigeons and pinstripes dance

with Rockette syncopation in front of Radio City

following the lead of thirty balloons encased

in vinyl tugged down the 50th Street station.


A chauffeured limousine pops out

a freshly groomed and leashed Pomeranian

seeking reunion with her dowager owner

getting purple locks and cuticles nearby.


At the columned entrance of Manhattan Bridge

two lovers kiss at the Canal Street stoplight

while a Vespa owner stops near the pedestrian

walk to hitch the love of his life in full stride.


Black children in bowlers and their Sunday finest

share a car in the Connie Island Cyclone

with Hasidic eyngls from Avenue J

carefully protecting their yarmulkes.


In the South Bronx the children of 136th Street

practice belly flops on an abandoned mattress

before chickening out on the adjacent kiddie pool

decorated with aqua waves, clown fish and mermaids.


The Monday field trip will transport ten

young Harlem poets to the Schomburg Library

to eulogize when Maya Angelou and Amiri Baraka

danced a jig on the ashes of Langston Hughes.


One will write a Christmas story about the time

Richard the reindeer took the Roosevelt Island

tram to bring  presents to the orphans

after Santa’s sled had fallen apart.


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