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The Hummingbird Bird Project: One Millisecond Better than Most Everything Else

The Hummingbird Project is about the impossibility of stealing time, one millisecond to be exact. That’s how much faster their fiber optic cable spanning from Kansas City to the New York Stock Exchange will be than the competition. Pennies in commission times thousands of transactions equals hundred of millions in a slow year.

So you get eccentric hyper neurotic dreamers and gangly coders, played by the uber-neurosis of screen, Jessie Eisenberg and the glamour downed bespectacled hulk of Alexander Skarsgard. And also Salma Hayek for some sexy smart villainy in a slinky dress. The Hummingbird Project is as good as a caper film can be without being a Steven Soderbergh Ocean’s 11 production.

There are a lot of grand obsessions on display as well as the enemies of time- delays, sickness, mortality and death. Ultimately it gets reduced to the sad impossible spectacle of a dream it always was destined to be. Time is both tragedy and joke.

For while it is up there, fighting, alive, struggling, dreaming, breathing The Hummingbird Project is one millisecond better than anything else.

All photos courtesy of Hanway Films.





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