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Shout of a Fully Immunized Nose Picker

I have something I must confess to you

I pick my nose, eat all my buggers too.

This causes distress and disgust I know

still off the floor I’ve eaten food that glows.

Science says that it’s all just for the best

for I immunize against just those pests,

my antibodies delight in the twirl

of not taking a break from this ill world.

Be too clean enough, watch your body die,

a clam unable to grow pearls inside.

The history of hay fever attests

it started an aristocratic pest

until more begats trickled it to the rest.

Years later immunity herd resets

made your older dirty hand many bros

less the cause of your sneezing and your woes.

Now cleaner living, hygienic hands,

less man, swing it back to the wealthy clans.

The fate of humanity all well depends

on the fact antibodies never end.

Evolution favors the hardy bugs

making man one of its many doomed shrugs.

Disease, extinction, not in human plan,

he will fight, fight to be part of this land.

Vaccines have prevented much needless death

giving antibodies a daily test.

We have avoided all that still does kill

yet allergies still make one run to hills,

allowing even worst auto-inflamed chills.

Giving all your antibodies a rest

is not the answer for bodily distress.

Time to adapt bodies to the new world.

Not kill both good and bad in the big furl.

Let it listen, learn and train friend from foe,

not pay attention to the ad man’s show.

Man has conquered this small space to survive,

he must evolve away to really thrive.

We are unsafer when we kill all risk,

to immunize, immunize is the trick.

So I will pick my nose, eat my buggers,

knowing I am creating new lovers

not afraid at all to hug each other.





One response to “Shout of a Fully Immunized Nose Picker”

  1. carolineshank Avatar

    Well this is a fine example taking the mundane and exemplifies it. A good job of it.

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