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“Apollo 11”: Capturing the Glory of Man, Space and Moon

There is something majestic about great moments in history caught gloriously in action. The Apollo 11 moon landing was one of those caught moments in time. Appropriately, a documentary about Apollo 11 wouldn’t need sonorous commentary or analysis, just the somber prosody of Walter Cronkite, the voices of Mission Control, and the astronauts themselves.

The enchantment is in watching with awe as the process unfolds and the Kennedy dream of sending a man to the moon and returning him safely to the earth is realized.

The moon shot experience was a richly filmed and well documented one. Everything here is a reflection of the pride of American dreamers, achievers and doers.

Apollo 11 was and still is the greatest technological achievement in American history, the best expression of the American Ideal. It was an experience that America graciously shared with the world. “We came in peace for all mankind”, states the plaque left behind on the moon.

The least we can do is to share and pass on that experience to our children and the future.

All photos courtesy of Neon Pictures.





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