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“Five Feet Apart”: Needs A Lot More Distance

When sex becomes deadly, it is a horror movie. When it becomes PG-13 and involves cystic fibrosis, viruses and teenage romance it becomes treacly, it becomes Five Feet Apart, which strives to be the ultimate doom teen romance.

This movie has talented leads. Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson give it a genuine feel. The fact that their disease doesn’t allow them to touch, much less kiss, adds a layer of bitter sweetness to the whole platonic romance.

Five Feet Apart confined hospital setting and trio of characters vibing, grooving, philosophizing on their semi-doom life gives it a John Hughes Breakfast Club aura. Some of Sprouse‘s and Richardson’s wardrobe and hairstylings are deliberate echoes of the one seen on Emilio Estevez and Molly Ringwald. There is even an Anthony Michael nerd character updated to tragic gay status.

Five Feet Apart is a pleasant and tragic Breakfast Club steal. Just expect some boyfriend eye rolls whenever the movie gets mushy and romantic.

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