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“Border”: Rising Above the Tragedy of Chromosomes

Border is a caveman fairy tale, a love story about chromosomes gone wrong, a metaphor about how man can rise and fall to his simian origins. It never settles into an evolution of its own, always evolving into different passions, weirder ideas, tilting to sci-fi one moment, reality the next, always skirting the tragedy-happiness of existence Border.

Border is its own striking, startling, fierce new species. It drags you along in its dust, wonderment and discovery.

The director Ali Abbasi has found the perfect form that reflect man’s past onto its present, how to define the human place in the history of all species. It isn’t perfect, just perfectly human.

Border isn’t the love story we want, but the one we have right now— the one we must have right now. The acceptance of our own ugliness is the great beauty we all must learn to mold into something that creates a positive vision of human progress.

Anything less means our destiny is blood, bone and club— the proto-man-ape from 2001 beating the tapir skull to bits. We all can evolve to be better.

Photos courtesy of Universal and Neon Pictures.







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