the rapist god

How does the world forgive a rapist god?


By creating many more murdering ones

until there is just one murderer

proclaiming himself King of the Universe.


An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind,

Gandhi said, creating an offense to severed eyes,

ears, tongues, limbs, the impaled world.


Numbers move the universe, the scientist says.

A true number created it, thinks the theologian.

Yet, the hurting heart knows no science or theology.


The rapist god if exposed will do only short time,

leaving the devouring wolf still preaching the flock,

the journalist unemployed and truth unreported.


The rapist god will ordain a misogynist church

that will shun the victim who speaks, while

urging forgiveness and abortion for the silent.


The rapist god will see equality, no difference

between their holy nuns and ordinary women,

all being lamb meat for sale by the pound.


The rapist god will never acknowledge that

the only person to win an argument with Jesus

was a woman beseeching him to heal her daughter.


The Gnostics note that Jesus entrusted the church

not to Peter but to Mary Magdalene

knowing that she will rightly instruct his disciples.


If god is male then the male is god,

homosexuals will have no market value,

their “perverted flesh” worth less than a dam.


The rapist god will see children

as the tenderest morsels,

little boys as the choicest of all,


keeping the tradition of the old mountain gods

devouring their progeny to prevent their ascent

hoping it will stunt their own slaughter.


The rapist god will die one day

when he runs out of things to eat

and has to devour himself.


Then a woman will no longer have to jump out

a window onto a branch and down the tree

to escape a rapist god.


She will bring back that old time religion,

the ancient eternal masculine-feminine,

the male gazing back, the woman up at the stars.