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“Isnt It Romantic”: A Perfect Meta-some Romance

There can be no romantic comedy nowadays without some kind of meta attachment, without a winking nod to its existence in the film catalog. Isn’t It Romantic, starring curvy delight Rebel Wilson, is the ultimate mega romcom title, and if you didn’t get the meta irony, it spends twenty minutes explaining the genre conventions that it will both setup and parody.

For this kind of movie to work, everyone needs to be in on the joke. The writers and directors are leaving nothing to chance.

This isn’t exactly a Pirandello play. Wilson is the only character aware she is in her own romcom. The rest of the cast play their role with enough nuance between their dream and real characters to take some joy in the merging and unmerging, the differences and the similarities— and the audience to appreciate the acting skilled involved.

The gusto here is what makes it work, the lets put on a great show spirit. It is several notches above the same Netflix fluff. Besides, Rebel Wilson, that girl can sing.

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