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“What Men Want” Is Not to See This

What Men Want is a gender swapped romantic comedy of the Mel Gibson film What Women Want. Whereas the woman where smarter than Mel in Women– Helen Hunt and Marisa Tomei providing much of the intelligent comedy and smart characterization- the Men In Men get a downgrade while Taraji P. Henson gets a sideways uplift. In a world of dumbass men a smart ass woman will always look like an improvement. It doesn’t take a mind reader for anyone to fill in the dialogue of male gender stereotypes.

The lesson here is take actors who can do comedy and believably fill in the blank character spaces over comedians who improvise lines for the laughs but can’t handle the character down time. Henson is the clear winner here.

The hidden joke is that Henson is playing a male stereotype, the corporate over achieving asshole, in a female body. It is both a body swap comedy and a corporate satire. In the 90’s both those kinds of comedies were nearing their prime. What Men Want just feels tired, exhausted and ready to quit.

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