The Moya View

Bloody Disgusting, Absolutely Horrifying

Every death is disgusting.

Every death is not horrifying.

The odor of death makes everyone

turn away and is thus disgusting to the core.

The important deaths turn the body back

to the fatal beauty, the deadly stillness,

that was once the most important

human thing of their life,

their death dividing them from their life,

a survivor unmoored from human gravity,

from the parental, sibling panoply of DNA

changing their memory and motivation,

awareness becoming the

horror, horrible, horrifying echo

following them to become redeemer/murderer

whichever way their spirit settles,

until for every horrifying death

their soul can only shriek:

Oh mother, mother!

Oh father, father!

Oh Absalom, my son,

would God had I died for thee!





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