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God Reads The NY Times and Comments

“ A preacher who doesn’t believe in God”,

The NY Times headline proclaimed.

God read it, laughed and commented,

“I knew that. What the Times doesn’t know

is that half of Catholic priest do it for the boys,”

he said, blaspheming the church but not himself.

God turned the page

looking for more funny stuff.

“What is the blood of a poor man worth?”,

the Times headline cried.

“As much as a child’s, not more than my son’s.”

HE wryly chuckled, knowing the answer,

making a mental note to ask Jesus

to donate more to the world blood drive.

“Brat museum starts a Holocaust controversy”,

the Times horrifyingly screamed.

“God, I love a good dog more than anyone,

but hurting spaces are sacred and forever mine.”

“My church is a place of prayer, not,”

he howled updating his son’s words for the world.

“#Exposechristianschools: are readers weigh in,”

the final Times headline stated.

HE shook his head and then proclaimed:

“ The public school across the street,

trying to teach fact from fiction, good from bad,

that is a Christian school!

The underfunded school struggling the best it can,

that is a Christian school!

Spaces where you love your fellow man,

that is a Christian school!

Praying in your closet in a space only I can hear,

that is a Christian school!”

When HE was done

God handed the Times to Jesus.

Jesus reads it deeply

seeking the gospel truth.

He closed it with a sigh.

Jesus wept.

God saw Jesus weeping

and commented:

“My God”, HE said,

“Develop a sense of humor.”

Jesus wept. Jesus wept. Jesus wept.

And then He wept some more.

God cried, said he was sorry,

as HE and Jesus wept some more.





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