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No Good God Knows No

God is wise enough to know

that there is no god.

At least in the idea of it,

it seems good, even grand.

He gives extra credit for the man

who thought that up,

knowing that his heart knew loss,

and also knew HIM once,

seeing loss as forever negation

and not just temporary definition.

God turned to Jesus and

asked HIM what he thought

and Jesus turned to God

and handed HIM a smiley face.

Good little boy, HE thought,

perhaps, to good for his own good.

So God thought about God some more,

more precisely, HE thought about no god,

and remembered Adam and Eve,

never ever denied HIM once,

even after being banished from Eden

did they turn back and say there was no God.

So God knew the kernel of HIS existence

was good and right and true,

until HE remembered Cain and Abel,

and how, at first, Cain denied the murder,

and even after confronted with the truth,

continued to deny his brother’s non-existence,

until he felt forced in his heart to deny HIM

rather than deny the untruth in himself.

God knew from experience that

there was no talking to children like that,

once they get such notions in their heads

they come around only in their own good time.

The best thing to do with children like that,

HE reasoned, was to turn and walk away,

but being the obsessive compulsive HE was,

HE think more and give them another chance.





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