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Census of the Living and the Dead

Census of the Living and the Dead

The sum total

of all human existence

is 108.2 billion:

100.8 billion dead.

Subtract existence

from death

and we are the small living,

sometimes believing rest.

War dead from

150 million to 1 billion:

in active conflicts

that kill over 1,000.

Subtract the casualties

from existence

and those are

the grateful and ungrateful.

Subtract the holocaust dead

and what is left

is the unimaginable grief

and regret of all the survivors.

Subtract existence from casualties

and the remainder is weeping

mothers, fathers, daughters, sons,

wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, friends.

The epidemic number is greater

than all war and almost equal

to existence itself:

107.6 billion disease ridden souls.

Subtract existence from war/pestilence

and the remainder is the

healthy and the lucky to be alive,

the hobbled rest of humanity.

Natural calamity cause less than 5%

of all known deaths,

crime and murder even less,

the rest die in peace.

The census of mankind

leaves no one untouched,

by human wrath

or nature’s devastation.

Subtract existence from man

and man from the hellishness

of the natural order and the

remainder can only be God.





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