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Ode to Revelation 8

Ode to Revelation 8:

Another angel broke the calm of the seventh seal’s opening

Bringing a censer mixed with incense and every Godly prayer

The smoke drifting up a pleasing aroma to the Lord

Once spent filled with a rumbling, flashing, quaking

Fire hurled on the earth.


The first trumpet brought hail and fire and blood

That burned 1 of 3, the trees and the green grass.


The second trumpet sounding brought forth

A blazing mountain thrown into the sea

Turning a trine into a rakehell of

Living creatures and ships.


The third trumpet sounding caused Wormwood

The great star blazing like a torch

To strike a leash of rivers and springs

Turning them into a bitter poison.


The fourth trumpet struck a tertiary

Of the sun, moon and stars

Turning them dark

And voiding the dawn and dusk.


And in the midair an eagle cried:

“Woe! Woe! Woe to the earth

For the two more peels yet to be





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