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The Serpent in the Manger Straw

The Serpent in the Manger Straw


I spit on thee Oh Son of God and Man

who tries to wash clean my dark throne.

I caused man to fall,

with the bite of a simple fruit,

the core decaying every soul.

Think You can save them from ME?

The world was scourged and flooded

and still I live.

I blinded prophets and humbled kings,

I crippled nations with disease and vice.

I have stolen hope

and replaced it with wanton desire,

greed and endless ambition.

I rule the weak and puny world you created,

replacing your truth with temptation and sin.

I smothered the light of your good

as easily as a candle dying in the dark.


I will trample, beat,

scourge and crucify you.

Your death will be

my greatest victory!

The Roman soldiers

will lance your side

and your blood will fall away

staining everything red.

You will scream

the cry of the forsaken.

The world will

not celebrate

your worthless death.

You cannot build

a new world

on goodness and love.

Man does not church

such light things.

What needs man

of forgiveness

when he cannot

forgive himself?

Sin makes him mine

and thus unforgiveable.

You are flesh

and nothing more.

Give me forty days

and I will break you

with one-tenth

the temptation of Adam.

Sin one sin and

I will gain everything.

Go Jesus!

Man cannot walk

your perfect path

and follow

your unblemished way.

That path

neither man nor devil

can follow.

Remember, Pilate and Herod—

they have small souls.

Your ministry

will die on the cross.





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