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“Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse”: The Best Web Slinging Tale Yet

Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse by embracing its comic roots, Spider-Man off shoots and echoes is able to become the definitive cinematic version. By not pretending that there have never been other versions of the web slinger it can embrace its alternative versions, integrate them into one vision and storyline, and make a grand Spider-Man that appeals to everyone through its diversity.

Anyone can be Spider-Man Spider Verse proclaims, even a pig, if they have the skills, the tech, the moral goods, and the supreme luck of being bitten by the right genetically modified, radioactively altered arachnid.

Mostly since Spider Verse can get the introductions and expositions out of the way quickly it can bring the team together fast and down to the business of having fun— something that the other Marvel (and by extension Disney) universes have been having a hard time tying to do lately.

There is a certain joy that the team takes in vanquishing a foe that they have defeated several times over in their other universes. They get to show off, bond, commiserate and grow together knowing intimately what they all must do separately and as a unit to defeat THE VILAINY and get back to the party. There is a true sense of loss when the plot forces them to go back to their universes in the end.

There is a medium pretense of Spider Verse being a Peter Parker to Miles Morales legacy hand-off— but that exists mainly for training purposes. Spider Verse feels like a scrimmage for the greater and better adventures ahead. Parker and Morales are just the focus for this episode.

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