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“Ideal Home”: Steve Coogan and Paul Rudd Do a Family Three Way

In Ideal Home the comic rifts that Steve Coogan and Paul Rudd are able to create on their gay characters and their relationship is probably what attracted them to the project. Their bickering has a zing and wit that feels loose and unscripted. It lifts what is a conventional adoption drama about a gay couple taking on a troubled kid suffering thru bad parent syndrome from TV movie schlock to a nice indy dramedy almost worth a theatrical release.

Rudd plays the bear and Coogan the wife in this relationship. Their semi-celebrities working in the margin of basic cable on a food travelogue series. Rudd is the exasperated with the star director and Coogan the flamboyant and errant prima donna who is forever going off script. The troubled youth played with the usual snark, wit and endearing naïveté by Jack Gore; is notable for demanding and scarfing down the heavily promoted Taco Bell brand.

Stay for the scenes and bits that let Coogan and Rudd bounce wickedly funny character improve off each other. Go get some Chipotle whenever the Taco Bell promos come up. At least you’ll get half of an Ideal Home.

All photos and videos courtesy of Icon Pictures, Brainstorm Media and Remstar Studios.





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