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“Dumplin’”: A Beauty Pageant Comedy With a Dolly Parton Heart and Song Track

Dumplin’ (a Netflix movie) folds a whole lot of Dolly Parton songs (six new, and six classic) and witticisms into its rebellious BBW daughter (Danielle Macdonald from Patti Cake$) versus former beauty pageant queen mom (Jennifer Aniston) plot. It is the most Dolly ever put into a movie without a Parton appearance. She is guru, sage, inspiration and spin-off all at once.

The beauty pageant focus isn’t on winning and vicious rivalry but on how it transforms the mother-daughter relationship and the other traditional and misfit contestants. Parton drag queens and a zaftig aunt who is the effervescent essence of the Dolly spirit provide all the teaching and learning moments.

Sure Dumplin’ traditionally transforms rhinestones into diamonds but its slightly off kilter casting gives the movie enough zing and heart to make it seem slightly new. Parton heart, Parton soul, Parton through and through.

Like Parton, Dumplin’ is a movie that is hard to hate. The major conflicts are all internal and are mainly about overcoming self doubts and fears.

Dumplin‘ is a Dolly Parton song in the making.

Listen to the golden globe nominated song from Dolly Parton:

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