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“Ralph Breaks the Internet” Gets Stuck in the Disney Princess World Wide Web

There is one thing that Ralph Breaks the Internet does very well— satirizing the Disney world wide web, and Princess culture in particular. The regular internet not so well.

The Disney Princesses show up to semi-anoint Vanellope into the harem. It may look like a dressing room, but it is filled with Princesses waiting for the men in their lives to claim and define them, something Vanellope resists being attached to. This is the dirty little joke that everyone watching never seems to get. Ralph Breaks the Internet is all about turning Disney Princess culture on its head.

That is why outside of the Oh My Disney web connection the other internet bits lack zing, particularity, any sense of some truly original satire going on. It is called the World Wide Web because it collects and entraps as it strands spread forever outward. To depict the internet as a city with super highways deprives the www in it of its spell and dangers where everything is a spinner or captured prey.

Ralph Breaks the Internet only tries to redefine the space and data it knows well because it is too scared to take on the internet it knows only darkly.

All photos and videos courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures


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