“The Christmas Chronicles” Kurt Russell’s Santa Doesn’t Ho-Ho-Ho But He Is Definitely Holly Jolly

Kurt Russell can make you believe he is Santa Claus, although be it one that doesn’t ho-ho-ho, who is not happy with the fatter oft advertised fatter version, and can belt out an Elvis style rendition of any holiday song. Russell’s Santa in The Christmas Chronicles (a Netflix movie) exists between Billy Bob Thornton bad and Edmund Gwynn good.

There is a rogue charm to Russell’s Santa that echoes his other more muscular characters. He is a holly jolly man of action, forever in and out of the moment, quick to remember the good and bad listers, and prodding everyone to be there better selves.

This being a Chris Columbus produced movie Russell shares the screen with kids and Gremlin inspired elves. The kids have just enough naughty and nice to give The Christmas Chronicles some sweet family misery. The elves have enough Gnomish moments to keep them from becoming sugar cookies.

Russell’s performance makes The Christmas Chronicles an above average holiday sugar plum. It will be a recurring suggestion on all future Netflix Christmas movies list.

All photos and videos courtesy of Netflix.