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“The Girl in the Spider’s Web”: Claire Foy Gets Caught In Atomic Intrigue and Sibling Rivalry

Stieg Larson’s black clad, Goth, bisexual, iconoclast with considerable hacking skills, Lisbeth Salander character doesn’t blend easily with the derring-do exploits of a James Bond persona, but that is what Salander, played this time around by Royal portrayer Claire Foy, is forced to do in the semi-reboot The Girl In the Spider’s Web.

Technically Salander is saving the world from itself rather than fighting for Queen and country and her fighting skills are all defensive. High octane stunt evasion is not the preferred means of extraction for a character that prides her smarts and saves her skin for tattoos and piercings.

It wouldn’t be a Dragon Tattoo entry if some kind of past nefarious family subplot didn’t show up. Thus Spider’s Web revolves around a good versus evil sibling rivalry. Evil wears high fashion red and is paler and blonder than a polar bear. She also insists that she was always daddy’s little girl and that everything bad that has happened has been and always will be Lisbeth’s fault!— yada, yada, yada, it goes on.

Remarkably, Claire Foy survives the Salander dumbing down. It is regal the way she gets through it. It will gain her fans despite The Girl In the Spider’s Web shortcomings.

Go behind the scenes on the Making of The Girl In the Spider’s Web:

(All photos and videos courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment.)


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