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“Nobody’s Fool”: Tiffany Haddish Rescues Tyler Perry From His Ordinary Foolishness

Tiffany Haddish in a NY Times interview has described her career as a “…delicious roasted chicken.” Chicken tastes better when it is free range and the same can be said of Haddish’s comic style. In Nobody’s Fool, a picture written for her by Tyler Perry, Haddish gets to free range, improvise, peck and chew on the bits she wants to chew more on and the ones she wants to ignore.

Perry knows all of his mediocre romances can be saved by dropping in a big comic turn. Haddish intimately apprehends what she does best and Perry clears the story to allow her to ping pong her character against the over earnestness of the cast and the traditional beats of the storyline. It is a way of giving his audience something familiar but odd and original at the same time.

Haddish brings the rude, crude and mentally nude to the role of bad sister helping good sister to get revenge and connection on a player and find the real deal in front of her with a good character trying to overcome an unfortunate past. There is a zing to the girl talk and winking sex conversations that wouldn’t exist without Haddish uninhibited meddling.

This is the soft R territory that Haddish lives in and finds box office success.





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