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“The Predator” Has Too Much Synthesis and Not Enough Hybrid

When the characters in The Predator start arguing whether the alien is technically a predator or a hunter you know you are watching a movie with a mixed personality. It can’t even stay true to its title. There are two predators and not just one who hunt/predatorise themselves and the other main humans. There are even Predator dogs.

The Predator can’t even make up its mind whether it wants to wipe humans out or save them. Yes, there is a good predator and a bad one. The Predator can’t even stay true to its cinematic roots which always had them on the bad side of the equation.

Shane Black both the writer and director probably thought that twice as much would be twice as good. As is often the case in the cinematic universe this results in a movie that is all over the place, twice as confusing and only half the fun.

The Predator is succumbing to the thing that killed the Alien franchise– too many aliens that forget that they are suppose to be the horror.





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