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“The Package” Surprisingly Isn’t a Dick

Netflix teen films tend to be either romantic comedies or spring break sex romps. The adults get the Adam Sandler gross outs, which are usually terrible. The Package, a romp about a severed penis and the attempts to reconnect it back to its stoner owner, is a hybrid— a gross teen comedy that is smart and weirdly romantic.

That’s right The Package is about a lost dick and it is screamingly funny. Until parents became comedy prudes this was adult Farrelly Brothers material (Shallow Hal, There’s Something About Mary, Dumb and Dumber) Today’s teens are all now well versed on the nuances of the gross out and sex comedy.

The teen ensemble of The Package nails it on every singe level, proving that they have not only watched their parents favorite comedies they have mastered them as well.

Two standout Sean Penn Jeff Spicoli impressions from Eduardo France and Luke Spencer Roberts ground the gross out and the comedy allowing the talented under cast to keep it straight and believable. The Package knows that all teen comedies are about overcoming and being comfortable with the dick.

That makes The Package less than a dick.





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