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“The Meg” Has the Jaws to Take on Statham

Director Jon Turteltaub has noted in interviews that he wanted to make The Meg the second best shark film ever made. Though he has come reasonably close (The Meg is between number 5-10 on the list), he has however made the second best Jason Statham movie.

When it’s Statham versus shark no mere Great White will ever be big enough. Only mega-as in megalodon, the largest shark ever to live and become extinct- will do. With a character name like Jonas it’s easy to see the finale ending jaws to jaws.

Turteltaub has learned a few things on execution from the forever number one Jaws: delay the shark appearance and let it loose only after enough sympathetic character build up. The usual suspects get eaten along with a few surprises, as well as an especially effective Mcguffin moment. It even heads for the beach for some tasty snacking and satisfying Spielberg homage before going back to the deep ocean.

Statham gives his usual gruff but amenable performance playing off a cast that knows how to balance the semi serious-comic tone.

The Meg is no Jaws but it has enough bite to make it a nice way to spend 115 minutes.





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