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“Revenge”: A #metoo Empowerment Tale

Revenge is a rape revenge thriller with a French accent and a misandrist streak. The trade off for reading all those subtitles is more skin and blood. The bonus of having a female (Coraline Fargeat) direct this gore fest is that men’s feelings don’t get in the way of all the executions. It is quite obvious all men here are m—fers that deserve to be wiped off the face of the earth.

In a reverse Eden story the heroine (Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz) survives impalement by burning off that nuisance phallic symbol, recovering and training in a cave, killing off her victimizers until she confronts that one Adamic male, the source of all her pain and woe, by handing him the red fruit of retribution. The climax (sexual pun intended) has so much blood flowing and streaking on the pristine floors that the menstrual meanings are impossible to miss. Director Fargeat is creating a new woman free of period spot.

Revenge is a hallucinogenic yellow neon female empowerment tale perfect for the #metoo era. See it on girls night out. Better yet, see it with the man you hate.





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  1. Dan O. Avatar

    A thrillingly violent and exciting flick. Nice review.

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