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“Brij Mohan Amar Rahe” Is Too Squalid for Bollywood

Netflix Indian originals like the series Sacred Games and the film Lust Stories have been on a quality roll. The latest, Brij Mohan Amar Rahe! breaks that streak.

Brij Mohan relays the sad pathetic tale of a New Delhi citizen with a demanding wife, side lover and an over leveraged business who decides to escape everything by assuming the identity of a loan shark he accidentally killed. He ends up being convicted of his own murder.

What starts out as a comedy about social climbing just gets dark, dark and dark until it is snuffed out entirely in a trial that goes on too long as it pretends to be an expose of the corruption of the Indian legal and judicial system. Money is stronger than truth and justice here.

The sudden lurch to pathos and tragedy kills off empathy for any of the characters. Brij Mohan ends up murdering its own story.

Brij Mohan tries to give its audience something more substantial than the usual light Bollywood fare. It ends up too squalid for that audience to watch.





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