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“Avengers: Infinity War”: The Perfect Solution for Marvel Superhero Fatigue

Avengers: Infinity War has found the perfect solution for those suffering from Marvel superhero fatigue. It kills most of them off.

Thanos snapping his finger and disposing of half the MCU is the best thing that could happen to those not wanting to sit through another third or fourth iteration of critically lauded and wildly fan applauded Marvel mythology. A villain who takes such relish in de-expanding an overly populated super galaxy deserves the highest accolades .

The first iteration of a superhero story is always fun. The second should finish the story, say its goodbyes and make way for the next heroic tale. It should be like the Bible, a saga of a people, a nation building on the accomplishments of what has come before.

Thanos finger snap has the potential to establish that if the writers, directors and the powers that be have the courage to let the marvelous dead stay dead. It is time to establish a new Marvelous story with echoes of the old and visions of the new. Of course, that is not going to happen.





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