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“Father of the Year” Is a Bad Dad Every Other Time

Adam Sandler produced Netflix movies aren’t about the quality. They are about how much stuff they can get away with, the more sexual the better.

The plots are just setups for the gags. Father of the Year excuse is about an idiot long haired alcoholic father (David Spade) attempts to impress his valedictorian son that he is good paternal material. The good intentions gone awry involve nipple cream experiments, sack races that imitate doing 69, GMILF turn ons and drug trips gone awry.

It’s all hysterical for the Happy Madison crowd. For everyone else it is pretty hit and miss. A layer of sweetness, respect for plot cliches, and underneath it all, good decent humanity prevents the crudeness from becoming offensive.

They are R-rated comedies for those who are embarrass to say they have outgrown the teen ones.

Father of the Year is crude enough to make this crowd happy and sweet enough to make them feel good about it.





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