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“A Quiet Place” Is Worth a Listen

if silence is golden than A Quiet Place is the mother lode. Actor and director John Krasinski has crafted a horror-sci-fi blend so original that its biggest effect will be at the concession stand and not the box office. Whoa to the person who dare crinkle a candy wrapper, or munch noisily on popcorn, or God forbid, should talk during this creature feature that depends on listening for every sound and hearing every word.

Krasinski’s real life wife Emily Blunt costars with him, making A Quite Place a resolutely family affair. The magnificent deaf actress Millicent Simmonds (Wonderstruck), two mcguffin boys (Noah Jupe, Cade Woodward) and an army of quick footed, horse sized CGI ears provide monster snacks and all the requisite terror. Who knew that ear wax could be so scary?

This is John Krasinski’s third feature as a director and he mostly gets it right. For those awkward moments of style, character and plot, Emily Blunt is there to provide action heroine chops and the needed dramatic soft touch. Krasinski is smart enough to know that great acting can cover up and soar over any deficiencies.

If the audience wasn’t afraid of being eaten, it all would be worth some small applause. Still, at least, give it a listen.





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