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“Gemini” Is a Hard Dream to Leave

In the movies Los Angeles doesn’t have a specific identity. It takes on whatever mood the director wants it to. That makes it the perfect city to set a mystery in, especially one that involves swapping and shifting identities like Gemini.

Gemini tells a story of a Hollywood assistant (Lola Kirke) who becomes both fugitive and detective when she is suspected of murdering her starlet boss (Zoe Kravitz). A lot of titular doubling is involved, as well as role switching and playing,

Aaron Katz’s elliptical direction never settles onto one mood or feeling. Is it all meant to be straight or a joke?

The movie is all sheen, inversion and misdirection. It is as cool and chill as the city is hot and tempered. It is as hard to live its dream as it is hard to leave.





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