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“All I Want” Tries to Get Pass “The Big Chill”

It is comforting that every generation wants to revise The Big Chill, the classic 1983 ensemble drama about Baby Boomers confronting life, death, divorce and almost everything in between. All I Want, a smart little indie co-written by the actress Melissa Center and debut director West Liang, is the millennial attempt to beat The Chill.

The Big Chill resonated enough with Hollywood and its audience to get a wide release and become a sleeper hit that earned Oscar nominations for best picture, screenplay and supporting actress. All I Want never got a wide release or even major critic reviews and was dumped unceremoniously onto Amazon without a VOD echo from a cable provider. Apparently, millennials may like writing about themselves but aren’t interested in supporting others efforts.

That’s too bad, because All I Want is a gem.

Center, who also stars, has centered (pun intended) her drama, like The Big Chill, around a party of friends celebrating a milestone that involves a surprising reveal. The inevitable breakups, makeups, reflections, deflections, incriminations, bonding and resolutions ensue. The drama is mostly natural, and like in life, occasionally forced.

West Liang direction keeps it all properly focused so that Center and the ensemble can concentrate on what they do best.




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