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  • A Time for Stones

    A Time for Stones

    The new stones have arrived from the sea,their bruises and changes waiting for my hand to hold, let them dry and shine in the sun—to finally see them from all their different sides.These stonelings exude such a soft subtle energy,full of the rubbings from the kiss of elder stones, every flower and branch, the caressing…

  • Fireflies


    The spark that comes from their belly denies the darkness its dominion and reminds the rest of a shining worldhow lonely the light really is. This light is brief in a darkness vast,an echo of the quick flare of tiny planets and suns filled with the enveloping night between. These bugs spend themselves and then…

  • Beyond the Dying Cloud

    Beyond the Dying Cloud

    When a cloud dies doves and eagles dip their wings in mournful ‘memberance.   When the sky dies it rots black in despairing soot of ash and pain.   When the moon dies it’s mourned by the elliptical kisses of the planets beyond.   When a planet dies the universe gently cradles it and lullaby’s…